prototype for an interactive soundwalk interface | 2009
collaboration with Niels Böttche, Reinhard Gupfinger, Vanessa de Michelis, Stephan Baumann and Bram de Jong
SID Training School on Interactions with Environmental Sounds – Sound and Music Computing Conference | Casa Da Música, Porto

Four dimensions of the soundscape of Porto are explored along three chosen routes within the city (Riverside, the historic city centre and a subway trip). These vertical layers consist of binaural (audible) sound, ultrasonic, electromagnetic range and underwater/surface recordings. The GPS coordinates of the walks are traced into a sound map which can be navigated with a Wii controller. The interface allows a smooth switch between the four sound layers, jump between the routes, move backward and forward and change the speed of the journey.

Partially funded with a grant from COST Scientific European Programme on Sonic Interaction Design.