teaching (courses, seminars, workshops)


Fonografía y creación sonora
12-21 MARCH 2024
La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Soundwalking. Taller de paseos sonoros y audio geolocalizado
21-30 MAY 2024
La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Creación sonora espacial y Ambisonics
8-17 OCTOBER 2024
La Casa Encendida, Madrid

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An important element in my practice is to deliver talks, seminars and workshops. These are fantastic opportunities to discuss and test ideas, listen and learn.

I have worked in multiple contexts, from university and higher education institutions to art and technology centres, media labs, and small cultural organisations. The participants have different backgrounds, including music and arts from various disciplines, architecture, audio engineering and other technical fields, humanities research, etc. Since 2020 I have been teaching at the Master of Electroacoustic Composition and New Media (MCE) at CSKG, Madrid, with the course “Music and Technology: Aesthetics and Critical Thinking”. From 2014 to 2019, I was involved in different modules at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The format, contents and methods are tailored to each specific context and group of participants. Duration varies from talks to one-day or one-week intensive workshops to longer weekly courses. The approach can consist of seminar presentations, reading groups, listening sessions, hands-on exploration and all in-between. Depending on the occasion, the contents might include an overview and analysis of historical and contemporary references, the examination of technical aspects (hardware and software tools or DIY), listening exercises, open-ended fieldwork and in-situ experimentation, computer-based studio work, and collective creation processes toward a final public presentation. 

Below is a current list of topics and areas of focus in my courses, masterclasses and workshops around listening, sound, composition and ecological thinking: 

  • phonography and field recording practice
  • composition with environmental and recorded sounds
  • spatial audio, multichannel composition and ambisonics
  • site-specific sound practice 
  • sound installations
  • soundwalking. geolocated digital audio experiences
  • environmental composition approaches / ecological sounding arts. historical and contemporary references (theory-practice)
  • contemporary ecological and postnatural thinking
  • introduction to sound studies, auditory culture, sonic thinking and experimental sound practices 

Please, feel free to contact me for further details and if you would like to organise a talk, workshop or course.

COMPOSING WITH FIELD RECORDINGS workshop, PRAHA, Brno, 2016. Photo: Mizuki Nakeshu