Wonderwerp ‘Phonography’ [Loos, Den Haag]

Wonderwerp “Phonography”
October 27, 2011 | 20:30h | Studio Loos, Den Haag

As photography captures image, phonography captures sound to reproduce or represent events in other space, time, in a different context from the one it belonged.

Live performances by:

Pablo Sanz
Sara Pinheiro
Justin Bennett

Pablo Sanz – PRESENCE
A meditation on architectural resonance and background noise.
Source recordings were made in the Summer 2010 at early hours in La Tabacalera de Lavapiés, a semi-abandoned (and currently reocuppied as a cultural space) industrial complex in the city center of Madrid. This was followed by a live event in the location itself as part of the program of the 6th edition of the Sound and Interactive Art Festival IN-SONORA, Oct 2010. At Wonderwerp we will listen to a live quadraphonic version of the work, now recontextualized in a different space.

Sara Pinheiro – chapter three, in betweens
I am curious to break geographical limitations, trying to be in different places at the same time, in between, the possibility of being nowhere, the edge of a continuous transition. I am looking for unbalanced positions, that of the surroundings, allowing my body to swing freely, throughout intuition, creating micro routines in an improvised perception, learning with my own ambiguity of listening, making choices.
I am wondering about listening and how i can open the door for an invitation that has no claims beyond the act itself of inviting.

Justin Bennet – CHIPKA
My recent release “Chipka” explores different ways of using field recordings; as documentation of places or events, as part of a personal audio-diary, and as raw material for compositions. The two identical vinyl records contain unprocessed recordings and compositions made with the help of electronics, but also fragments, stable textures and loops. It’s not a record that you can play from beginning to end, your listening is interrupted by silences and locked grooves – it’s a record that you have to play like an instrument, or read like a score. In any case you have to work at it. At Wonderwerp I will be working with these records and mixing in some other earlier personal memories recorded on vinyl.

WONDERWERP is a monthly series to present projects live. Whether they involve new music, electronic, acoustic, improvised, inter/multi-disciplinary, experimental, in progress, etc., works are always created by the performers. We find important that the contemporary scene is alive, and for that the involvement of audience, artists and places is absolutely necessary, wonderwerp is our contribution. This year each edition is going to have a specific identity that the projects presented will share: analog audio-visual performance; phonography; spatialization; electro-acoustic subtleties; live cinema…. Curated by Yolanda Uriz