list of works

::: updated May 2016 :::

13952° 4' 56" N 4° 20' 39" E5'2016stereo for headphonesAUDIO DH, Den Haag / The Hague :: publication
138out of earshotca. 25'2016quadraphonic live performanceCollaboration with Bostjan Perovsek, Ljubljana
137submersion(#137)30'2015stereo for headphones
13641°8′24"N 8°36′34"W33'40"2015stereo for headphones
13538°41′55"N 9°10′45"W51'30"2015stereo for headphones
13437°27’16"N 8°48’2"W10'15"2015stereo for headphones
13342º25′32"N 3º9′59"E59'10"2015stereo for headphones
13250°51′26"N 4°20′48"E28'55"2015stereo for headphones
131pluja12'2015stereo for headphones
130untitled (bau)19'41"2015site-specific, 2-chCommission Liko-s Brno, BAU Munich
12900:001'20"2014stereo for
128tunnel (solid vibration)2'47"2014stereo for
127submerged pipe1'46"2014stereo for
126underwater life1'21"2014stereo for
125bats (echolocation)1'06"2014stereo for
124viaduct (solid vibration)1'20"2014stereo for
12349°12′54"N 9°43′48"E3'2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
12242°25'32"N 3°10'1"E3'2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
12152°40'22"N 5°55'12"E3'2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
12051°59'11"N 4°5'5"E5'2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
11931°32'33"N 5°24'17"E2'15"2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
11840°2'39"N 3°33'3"W3'15"2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
11741°59'16"N 2°9'40"E3'2014stereo headphonesBritish Library Sound Archive, London, UK
11642°12'16"N 4°29'37"W6'10"2014stereo headphonesSonema, Medellín, Colombia
115kazum®2014installation, 6-chCommission Rhizomatic, Amsterdam
11449°17'53"N 18°45'39"E3'30''2014stereo for headphonesWLD 2014 Compilation, Green Field Recordings, Portugal
11339°22'29''N 3°20'9''W13'13"2014stereoThe Dark Outside, Galloway Forest, Scotland
11255°14'30''N 6°22'56''W12'2014stereo for headphonesSonic Terrain - Transition, WLD 2014 Compilation
11140°24'22''N 3°42'9''W4'2014stereo for headphonesAUDIO-MAD: 100 Sound Artists of Madrid, CentroCentro
11054°36'5"N 6°2'5"W 6'30''2014stereo for headphonesFramework Seasonal #7, CD Compilation, Estonia
109CÔCLEA45'29"2014stereo for headphonesVery Quiet Records, UK
108autohypnosis loop1' (∞)2014stereoMute Sound, Spain
10742°07ʹ00"N 3°08ʹ37”E 1'2014stereo for headphonesMicrotopies 2014, Gracia Territori Sonor, Barcelona
106!!! 8'2014site-specific,
¡VOLUMEN! Festival de Culturas Sonoras, Itinerario, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
105field (B93)14'2013installation
ARE Holland, B93, Enschede, Netherlands
10452°4’35″N 4°19’52″E4'45''2013stereo for headphonesAugmented Spatiality, Stockholm, Sweden
Nave Intermediae, Matadero Madrid
102Sharawadji 2013site-specific
Depósito de Especies, Matadero Madrid
101[in]audible 32'2013stereo, 8-channelCommission FON Radio, UK
100Limnee 10'2012stereo, 4-channelCommission ACSR/ Silence Radio, Belgium
9948°8'18"N 17°6'16"E8'45''2012stereo, 4-channel
9849°24'17''N 9°29'13''E8'45''2012stereo, 4-channel
97Precipitations10'45''2012stereo, 4-channel
96Liminal BCN 26'20''201216-channelZeppelin Expanded: Barcelona Sound Limit, CCCB
95Liminal BCN 16'50''201216-channelZeppelin Expanded: Barcelona Sound Limit, CCCB
94from 20 to 20000 hz #32 74'2012stereoKlangmaschine, Madrid
93Transient Lapse24-hour cycles2012site-specific
The Hague, Netherlands, w/ Juan Cantizzani
92Green Line (Maghrib Prayer)11'30''2012stereoGruenrekorder, Germany
91untitled (sixty)1'2012stereo60x60
90from 20 to 20000 hz #31: Atlas46'2011stereoRRS: Radio Reina Sofía Museum, Spain
89SBG#16'25''2011stereoInland-Campo Adentro, Spain
88Empremtes Sonores variable2011stereo, sound mapInland-Campo Adentro, Spain
87Aeolian Transmission7'15''2011stereo, 4-channelInstitute of Sonology, Framework Radio
86BA01730' cycles2011site-specific, 8-chKABK, The Hague, Netherlands
85untitled (touch3)6'30''2011binaural stereoSoundFjord Gallery (London, UK)
84untitled (ds study)5'2011stereoInstitute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands
83Haagse Bos1'2010stereoSoundspheres (The Netherlands)
82Rising Down10'2010stereoGallery Aferro (USA)
81Establishing Three10'2010WFS (192-ch)Institute of Sonology (NL), w/ Sara Pinheiro
80untitled (at study c)5'2010stereoInstitute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands
79untitled (at study b)5'2010stereoInstitute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands
78untitled (at study a)5'2010stereoInstitute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands
77Deep Flow16'30''2010stereoKABK, The Hague, Netherlands
76Presencevariable2010stereo, 4-channelIn-Sonora VI, Tabacalera, Madrid
75Sounding Site [Tabacalera] 40'2010site-specific, 8-chTabacalera, Madrid (Spain), w/ Juan Cantizzani
74METRO 5'20''2010stereoKABK, The Hague, Netherlands
73from 20 to 20000 hz #24
(dromology redux)
98''2010stereo, videoKABK, The Hague, Netherlands
72Hubertustunnel 5'30''2010binaural, soundwalkHubertus Park, The Hague, Netherlands
71Bloedberg3'2010binaural, soundwalkHubertus Park, The Hague, Netherlands
70MadridSoundscape & Soinumapa47'2010stereoStudio Loos, The Hague / HOTS! Radio, Basque Country, w/ Mikel R. Nieto
69Eight Impressions 14'2010binaural stereoKABK, The Hague, Netherlands
68from 20 to 20000 hz #30 33'2009stereoExperimentaclub, Madrid, Spain
67from 20 to 20000 hz #29: disintegration71'2009stereoExperimentaclub, Madrid, Spain
66Andantevariable2009binaural stereoCasa da Música, Porto Portugal
65Den Haag Onderwater 25'20094-channelLoos, The Hague, Netherlands
64liminal4'30''2009stereoLokaal01, Breda, Netherlands
63from 20 to 20000 hz #28 : aqua flux 49'2009stereo
62kelder kabk20'2009site-specific, 6-chanKABK, The Hague, Netherlands, w/ Juan Cantizzani
61ph13 10'2008stereo, 4-channelTuned City, Berlin, Germany
60wriezener bahnhof [night] 7'30''2008stereoTuned City, Berlin, Germany
59first approach 12'2008stereoTuned City, Berlin, Germany
58from 20 to 20000 hz #27 : the drone effect 261'2008stereo
57from 20 to 20000 hz #26 : radia111'2008stereoRadiaLX, Portugal
56from 20 to 20000 hz #25 : the drone effect 185'2008stereo
55from 20 to 20000 hz #24 : regreso al futuro 98'2008stereoZemos98, Seville, Spain
54from 20 to 20000 hz #23 89'2007stereo
53from 20 to 20000 hz #2266'2007stereo
52from 20 to 20000 hz #21 46'2007stereo
51from 20 to 20000 hz #20 88'2006stereo
50from 20 to 20000 hz #19 82'2006stereo
49from 20 to 20000 hz #18 99'2006stereo
47estertor sibilante 4'2005stereoDesetxea (release 2008)
46sollozo cavernoso 5'35''2005stereoDesetxea (release 2008)
45static limbo 4'40''2005stereoUrsonate 02 (Spain) (release 2012)
44intercepted transmission8'2005stereoEscala (Spain), w/ noi
43vértice 6'2005stereo, videoPlaycode (Spain)
42search space6'2005stereoCCapitalia/CRC (Spain)
41from 20 to 20000 hz: Essays on Radio53'2005stereoCrónica Electrónica / SINSAL (Portugal/Spain)
40from 20 to 20000 hz #17 185'2005stereoExperimentaclub (Madrid, Spain)
39from 20 to 20000 hz #16 55'2005stereo
38from 20 to 20000 hz #15 90'2005stereo
37from 20 to 20000 hz #14 62'2005stereo
36from 20 to 20000 hz #13 79'2005stereo
35from 20 to 20000 hz #12 70'2005stereo
34from 20 to 20000 hz #11 78'2005stereo
33TAZ30'2004stereoCCapitalia/CRC (Spain)
32161104 (trayecto)22'2004stereo
31e.con 19'2004stereo
29jetée 7'45''2004stereo
26smooth time6'2004stereo
25from 20 to 20000 hz #10 78'2004stereo
24from 20 to 20000 hz #9 79'2004stereo
23from 20 to 20000 hz #8 62'2004stereo
22from 20 to 20000 hz #7 57'2004stereoEscala (Spain)
21from 20 to 20000 hz #5 76'2004stereo
20from 20 to 20000 hz #4 53'2004stereo
19from 20 to 20000 hz #3 57'2004stereo
18from 20 to 20000 hz #2 79'2003stereo
17from 20 to 20000 hz #179'2003stereo
16repetition causes tension28'2003 stereoC_mshot Rec (Chile), duo w/ Tomás Gª Navas
15síntesis conectiva49'2003stereoC_mshot Rec (Chile), duo w/ Tomás Gª Navas
14lapso65'2003stereoCollaboration with noi
7aproximación 6b6ʹ30''2003stereo
6aproximación 6a6ʹ45''2003stereo
5aproximación 523ʹ2003stereo
4aproximación 460ʹ2003stereo
3aproximación 355ʹ2003stereo
2aproximación 245ʹ2003stereo
1aproximación 128'2003stereo