aeolian (transmission)

2011 | stereo | 7’20”
Available on bandcamp

The composition is based on wind recordings made in Den Haag and Leiden, The Netherlands during the Winter 2011. Contribution to the radio show Broadcasting Den Haag, produced at the Institute of Sonology for Framework Radio. Curated by Raviv Ganchrow and Patrick McGinley.

The original source recordings focussed on auditory impressions created by the interaction of wind with the urban environment. Wind in ‘itself’ seems a too elusive phenomena for being ‘captured’. The principles of conventional microphones are usually based on a diaphragm which moves accordingly to air pressure variations, something which easily results in distortion when strong wind blows directly on them. These recordings were based on indirect listening, using unconventional transducers to tap into wind effects propagated through non-air mediums (i.e. underwater and solid architectural structures).

The piece was also included in the double CD compilation SOUND-IN 2012, published for the 1st Sound-In Programme for New Creators at Estampa, Spanish Multiple Art Fair in Madrid, October 2012.

Review at written by Etienne Noiseau (in French).