pablo sanz is an artist, composer and researcher. His body of work includes site-determined and public art projects, immersive installations, multichannel live performances, exhibitions, releases, and pieces for broadcast and headphone listening. His practice is an open-ended investigation of listening, more-than-human vitality, aural energies and otherness, with a focus on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention. Through a continuum of approaches, his environmental sound works explore the vibrant entanglements and creativity of human bodies, non-human creatures, energies, materials, spaces, and technologies, encouraging sensory ecological awareness. Listening becomes a political act, intended to resist dominant tendencies in contemporary societies, cultivating alternative forms of being and thinking.

pablo’s work has been experienced internationally in diverse contexts such as the Museo Reina Sofía, Matadero Contemporary Art Center, National Music Auditorium, La Casa Encendida, Fundación Juan March, Madrid; Phonos, Barcelona; Cafe Oto, London; PS2 Gallery, Belfast; STEIM, Amsterdam; ZKM, Karlsruhe; Audiorama, Gothenburg; Gallery Školská 28, Prague; PRAHA, Brno; Sonoscopia, Porto; VELAK, Vienna; Kino Šiška, Ljubljana; MWW Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw; ACMC Sonic Environments, Brisbane; Brooklyn Acoustic Ecology Festival, NYC; Sound Scene, Washington DC; and FILE Festival, São Paulo, among others.He has produced commissioned works for Radio Clásica on the Spanish National Radio (RNE); Reina Sofia Museum Radio (RRS); FoN Air, UK; the Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique (ACSR), Brussels, and R{A}DIO{CUSTICA} in the Czech Radio. He has released pieces in collaboration with Framework Editions, Estonia; GFR, Portugal; Gruenrekorder, Germany; Sonic Terrain, Colombia; Vacuamoenia, Italy; and Very Quiet Records, UK, among other labels and platforms.

He has participated in several artists residencies including EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm; Matadero Madrid; Visby International Centre for Composers, Gotland; CONA, Ljubljana; Mamirauá Institute, Tefé, Amazonas; ARE Holland, Enschede; Q-O2, Brussels; and Nau Côclea, Girona, among others. Grants and awards received include a Phonurgia Nova Award (2020), the Artistic Research Grant Hangar – Casa de Velázquez (2020), Arts Council of Northern Ireland ́s SIAP Awards (2020, 2019), Experimental Radio Production Grant (CRA Matadero, Ars Sonora-RNE, AMEE, 2019), Santander Mobility Award (2015), Sound-In Programme (Estampa, 2012), INLAND Campo Adentro (2011), Europe: A Sound Panorama (Goethe Institute, Deutschlandradio Kultur, ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, 2011), and the 5th On Air Radiophonic Art Prize (CBA Madrid, 2007).

He has given talks, seminars and workshops internationally, and currently is a faculty member at the Master of Electroacoustic Music Composition (MCE) at CSKG in Madrid. He is a co-founding member of (2004—), an independent initiative devoted to the research and dissemination of auditory culture, experimental music, and sonic arts. He also worked as an editor in and was the artistic director for the triannual program ‘Sensxperiment 2009-11: Sensory Immersion’ in Córdoba, Spain. Pablo graduated from the University of the Arts of The Hague, attending the ArtScience Interfaculty and the Institute of Sonology. He holds a PhD in Experimental Electroacoustic Music Composition and Sonic Arts (‘Environmental Composition Approaches’) by the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen ́s University Belfast.