Everyday Life [Loos, Den Haag / Lokaal01, Breda]

Participants in Justin BennettĀ“s workshop at the Institute of Sonology recorded sounds from their personal environments during 24 hours. In Everyday Life they reconstruct and reinterpret these 24 hours, compressed into a 30 minute-long live performance. As support-act Justin Bennett will perform a new piece Raw Materials.

Participants: Gerben Kokmeijer, Tania Sikelianou, Yiannis Tsirkoglou, Pablo Sanz, Lucas Sancho, Matteo Marangoni, Miguel Negrao, Juan Cantizzani, Belinda Li, Bjarni Gunnarson, Baldur Bjronsson.

Surround live recording of the performance on exhibition at Geluidpost, Lokaal01, Breda, NL. From May 31 to June 18, 2010.