Exquisite Corpse [SoundFjord, London]

Exquisite Corpse
International Group Show, 13-30 April 2011
SoundFjord, London, UK

In April 2010, before SoundFjord opened it’s doors to the public, we (the creative team at SoundFjord) devised a plan for an exhibition, populated by artists’ works created using the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ model as a point of departure.

The Exquisite Corpse is a method made popular by the Surrealists, and is similar to Consequences, the old parlour game. Words, images or sounds are collectively assembled in a specific way, using rules set in advance, for instance, one is only allowed to see/hear the last section/measure of what was previously contributed.

This exhibition documents the works produced, and finally, reveals the artists who worked on the project and whom have hitherto remained anonymous.

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