Shedding Light [Corrosia! Ongehoord, Almere]

Shedding Light – Corrosia! as explorative sound space
Expo Corrosia! Ongehoord
18 Jun – 20 Aug 2011
Corrosia!, Markt 5, Almere Haven, Netherlands

The ArtScience interfaculty’s Spatial Interaction Lab has made an interactive sound environment in the gallery space of Corrosia! in Almere. The audience is challenged to explore the work that takes place in a completely dark space. Since it’s not possible to oversea the space as a whole it reveals itself primarily my means of sound. The audience gets torches in order to find their way in the space. In the mean time their light is being picked up by light sensors and used by the installation to react to the visitors. While the visitors are moving along, they play the space and are being challenged to explore the space further and further. Shedding Light is part of the exhibition Corrosia! Ongehoord.

Spatial Interaction Lab: Erfan Abdi, Joeri Bultheel, Pablo Castro, Juan Cantizzani, Bardo Frings, Ivan Henriques, Matteo Marangoni and Pablo Sanz.

Supervisor / head of the lab: Edwin van der Heide.

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