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from 20 to 20000 hz #31 : atlas

2011 | podcast radio | 46’
available online | Radio Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid

RRS commisioned a new volume in the series ‘from 20 to 20000 hz’, an ongoing project since 2002. The concept for this podcast is a response to an exhibition on display at the Museum in 2011: ATLAS How to carry the world on one’s back?. Curated by Georges Didi Hubermann, the exhibition was based on Aby Warburg´s Mnemosyne Atlas.

Each piece in From 20 to 20000 hz is arranged around a theme onto which a number of related works are recombined, losing references to their sources and author in the process. Often, it is only by reading the tracklist – which can be found in the attached PDF – that the source of these references can be known. As happens in works with textual and visual references, From 20 to 20000 hz accentuates the hidden qualities of mixed works and establishes unusual relationships, but unlike them, sound does not only formulate new meanings accumulated in memory and melancholy, but also asserts a depth opposed to synthesis.

This podcast in particular is structured following the order of a journey through a cartography based on phonographic records featuring unusual and almost imperceptible listening points. The journey moves from the context of a tropical rainforest into the ocean, going deeper and deeper until it finally reaches a last geological stage in the journey. This is not about carrying the world, but rather about listening to it.

Jose Luis Espejo, curator Radio Reina Sofía