madrid sin palabras : una ecología vibrante

ongoing project series (2019-)

madrid sin palabras: una ecologia vibrante (madrid without words: a vibrant ecology) is a project series based on the exploration of the acoustic territories and possible sonic worlds of contemporary Madrid through a variety of environmental listening practices and composition strategies. The project focuses on what usually remains hidden or unnoticed, on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention.

The series thinks the city as an “ecological assemblage”, in the words of philosopher Jane Bennett, an “ad hoc grouping of diverse elements, of vibrant materials of all sorts, including humans and their (social, legal, linguistic) constructions, and also very active and powerful nonhumans: electrons, trees, wind, fire, electromagnetic fields”. The project promotes de-anthropocentric modes of listening and thinking, investigating the vitality and creativity of diverse human and nonhuman agencies, including architecture, energies, materials, processes, species, technologies, and sounds themselves as phenomenological entities capable of producing affective responses.

The project series is conceived as an artistic research trajectory articulated through multiple episodes and public manifestations. The primary outcome is a series of immersive pieces for headphone listening, aired on the radio, and presented in exhibitions and publications.


Project initiated through a residency in Matadero Madrid with the collaboration of the Spanish National Radio (RNE) and the Spanish Association for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art (AMEE), 2019.

Research fellowship Hangar – Casa de Velázquez / Académie de France à Madrid. In collaboration with the Institut Français Barcelona. 2020.

RIVERSSSOUNDS, organised by DZESTRA (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) in partnership with SEMI SILENT (Bucharest, Romania) and supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme, 2021.


Broadcast commissioned for Art’s Birthday Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening (EBU European Broadcasting Union) by Radio Clásica, Spanish National Radio (RNE). 17.01.2020. Curated by Miguel Álvarez-Fernández.
Art´s Birthday 2020 – broadcast from Madrid
Art´s Birthday 2020 en Radio Clásica (Spanish)

Binaural installation in the exhibition CORAZÓN PULMONES HÍGADO (HEART LUNGS LIVER), Matadero Madrid. 29.11.2019 — 2.02.2020. Curated by Mônica Hoff and Andrea Pacheco González.

Contributions to the global online project Mass Files, curated by Veronika Spierenburg.

CASA&CO, group show, Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, 18.03 – 6.06.2021

PARATEXT #52, Hangar, Barcelona, 28.04.2021

RIVERSSSOUNDS, artist talk (17.03.2021), interactive and digital online releases for headphone listening, spring 2021

World Listening Day 2021: THE UNQUIET EARTH 24-hour stream, produced by the World Listening Project in association with Wave Farm, New Adventures in Sound Art, and World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE), 18.07.2021

Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow, 16.02.2022