Presence [Tabacalera]

Presence is a sound work based on the exploration of architectural resonance and the audible silence of empty spaces, focusing on recordings made inside the former Spanish national tobacco factory of Madrid. Two centuries old and abandoned for many years, Tabacalera was partially occupied and reopened as an independent community centre in the beginning of 2010.

The piece is based on recordings made during off-hours in the Summer 2010. Ambiences, barely noticeable sounds, resonances, vibrations transmitted through the architecture and acoustic measurements (impulse responses) of the empty spaces are the raw materials used in the composition.

Originally created for the 5th edition of IN-SONORA Festival, premiered as a site-specific concert in the building in October 2010.

Further versions of the piece performed live at: Wonderwerp, Studio Loos, Den Haag (NL), MEX, K├╝nstlerhaus Dortmund (DE), LME, IAM Gallery, Madrid (ES), noise=noise, London (UK). A live recording was also included in the listening programme of the festival Urban Observatory in Torun, Poland, 2012.

Excerpts from a live performance at Studio Loos, Den Haag.
(ambisonics surround recording converted to binaural. listening on headphones is recommended).

Special thanks to: Tabacalera staff, Juan Cantizzani, Jose Luis Espejo, Yolanda Uriz