spectrum (ståtic limbø)

2016-ongoing | ca. 30-45′ | quadraphonic live sound performance

spectrum (ståtic limbø) is a live performance series focused on the exploration of environmental electromagnetic energies.

Electromagnetism embodies a kind of energy which moves across traditional distinctions of natural and artificial, of nature and technology. Electromagnetic waves and fields are naturally-occurring and technological (anthropic) in origin and range from micro and local scales to the earth magnitude. These phenomena lie beyond the normal thresholds of human perception yet are ubiquitously present in our everyday lives.

The project is based on an archive of original recordings in progress since 2007. Sources include the magnetic auras from radiant objects and spaces (e.g. personal devices, infrastructures in buildings, transport systems, urban public areas) and explorations of activity within the radio and microwave bands, and the ELF-VLF (Very Low Frequency) longwave ranges. Recordings are produced using a variety of aesthetic devices able to listen ‘in’ these fields and convert them into audible energy.

A primary focus of the sonic-spatial performance is to convey and expand the materiality and physicality of the electromagnetic fields, drawing on the chaotic rhythms, spectral patterns, and broadband noise textures found in the electromagnetic sound recordings.


2016.09.07 Cafe OTO, London, UK
2016.01.21 Beli šum, Centralna Postaja, Maribor, SI
2016.01.18 RED NOISE, Aurora, Budapest, HU
2016.01.15 Gallery Školská 28, Prague, CZ
2016.01.07 Verein für Elektroakustische Musik (VELAK), Vienna, AT