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site-determined work, Nave Intermediae, Matadero Madrid
2-channel audio, 4 exciters, ∞ (28 min. cycles)
active 18 May – 1 July 2013

DUO is a site-specific installation in a renovated warehouse inside the Matadero cultural complex in Madrid. The work is based on the audio-physical activation of the site, using architecture as an instrument.

Four sound exciters attached to two large metal doors convert them into resonant bodies and sounding membranes, as if they became a couple of big loudspeakers. The composition was created on-site with a custom programmed software tool based on simple synthesis materials. Throughout different sections, the piece explores the distinct timbres of the metal structures, the spatial interplay between the two large sound sources, and the reverberant acoustics of the space.

The work draws on the situated embodied experience of the participants, which is shaped by their own positioning and movements throughout the space. The experience is also conditioned by the changing environmental circumstances and social activity in the warehouse and nearby areas at different days and hours.

Better on headphones or high quality speakers.

RTVE A la Carta – Radio 3 Extra: Resonancias | Podcast on Spanish National Radio

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