site-specific installation event, 20-channel audio, micro-speakers, 8 min.
commissioned by La Casa Encendida for ¡VOLUMEN! Festival de Culturas Sonoras: ITINERARIO

Commissioned for ITINERARIO, a guided exhibition of sound works at different locations throughout La Casa Encendida. The work was in the itinerary section ‘Limits of the Ear’.

The project is based on an electromagnetic investigation of La Casa Encendida, exploring the energy fields generated by all kinds of electronic and electrical infrastructures and devices present in the building. During a few days of work in situ, I visited public and inaccessible areas, listening ‘in’ with a handmade induction sensor device which made audible the magnetic auras of telecommunication devices, CCTV, computer servers, screens, lights, office machines, electricity boxes, and other things.

The installation was situated at the emergency staircase of the building, consisting of a multichannel composition projected into the space using a custom-built setup with twenty compact loudspeakers placed all through the stair flights from the basements to the terrace of the building. During each visit, the groups of participants entered the stairwell from the basement and were able to walk freely throughout the staircase before making their way to the second floor to continue the guided itinerary.

Curated by Abraham Rivera and Ruben Coll.
Participating artists: EVOL, Pablo Sanz, Ruben Patiño and Mikel R. Nieto.
Dates: 3, 4 and 5 January 2014, six 1-hour itineraries each day.
Itinerary guides: Marian Garrido and Raquel G. Ibáñez.
Photos: Alonso Vázquez