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from 20 to 20000 hz #6: essays on radio

2005 – 53 min

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A remix of all the tracks in Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time? (DVD+CD) (Cronica 020-2005)
Commission SINSALradio / Crónica Electrónica

Broadcasted on 27th May 2005, SINSALradio #77, Vigo, ES

Essays on Radio aims to comment on the sound medium, on the technology and the culture of radio. In the midst of media saturation, radio can easily end by being an overlooked medium, not only due to its lower visibility compared to most mainstream media but mostly because it is an un-visual medium. It is also one of the longer standing and of the oldest electronic media that is still alive, so the novelty factor is not a help. Radio was the first broadcast medium, as well as the first that was sound-specific and intangible. Historically, radio was the primary responsible for an awareness of sound that went beyond the strict scope of music.

Vitor Joaquim: Radio_0
tilia: doublethinktank III: we did our duty
@c: int.13/35
Pedro Tudela: Atmosfera Reduzida
Luis Marte: Exploraciones 6
Longina: Oidar
Ákos Garai: To Bjeller
Pawel Grabowski: Untitled 2:00
Pimmon: Ears that Hear
Pablo Reche: Expo Radio
Gintas K: Tunning On
Nick Dan & Sumugan Sivanesan: Radio05
Jörg Piringer: Sig/o
Boca Raton: Along The Line
o.blaat: I Wish I Had My Coffee While The Radio Was On
Durán Vázquez: Goebbels’ Pupils
Random Industries: Media Corrosion
Stephan Mathieu: Radiance
James Eck Rippie: Radio
Miguel Carvalhais: 0303
Paulo Raposo: Verbatim
Pal: 2ofmytime_x
Cáncer: 97.1 (edit)
Lawrence English: In Preparation
Ok.Suitcase: -sf 0905-04
Antmanuv: Silent Haarp
Heimir Björgúlfsson & Jonas Ohlsson: Thanks for Nothing
Gilles Aubry: Ridiot
The Beautiful Schizophonic: A Radiophonic Fairytale
Steinbrüchel: AM/FM
Ran Slavin: Golden Twilight Moments
Pure: Free Radio Azimuth
General Magic: Chronomops
Autodigest: After The Orgy (7″ radio edit)
John Hudak: The Big Beat
Freiband: Gong Station & Chimes
Heitor Alvelos: Had a Scanner Been Born on the Bosphorous
Christine Fowler: 2 minutes
Pita: 59.5…