sound installation, variable dimensions
∞, 6-channel audio (at least)

Rhizzo::De Supermarkt | nomadic group exhibition
NDSM-Werf, Tolhuistuin and other locations in Amsterdam-Noord | Aug-Oct 2014
Commissioned by Rhizomatic Project Space, Amsterdam

kazum® is a generative sonic environment created for a travelling multidisciplinary art platform in Amsterdam-Noord. The concept of the nomadic exhibition project was to create a supermarket utopia set up in a special horror-vacui gesamtkunstwerk exhibition space. Rhizzo::De Supermarkt presented a temporary store in a repurposed shipping container where artists and designers shown their perspective on shopping in the future, innovative concepts, shelves with sustainable food and parody products.

The title of the work is a tergiversation of ‘muzak’, infamously known company producing background music for retail stores and corporate spaces and then the generic term adopted for this practice. The piece consists on a subtle ever-changing composition based on transfigured environmental sound recordings made in traditional markets at multiple cities (Madrid, Barcelona, The Hague, Porto and Jerusalem) between 2007 and 2014. Six hidden speakers fill the space with a hazy sonic-spatial tapestry exploring the thresholds between pure perception and recognition, creating a sort of soundscape spectral muzak for De Supermarkt.

Artists: New Sculpture Department (Kees Boeve & Lorenzo Quintanilla), Hein Lagerweij, Pablo Sanz, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries and Moniek van der Hoorn. Curated by Christine Bruckmeier & Daniel Zimmer.

kazum® sound branding logo by Silvia Janôskova.

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