immersive multichannel concert / live performance / work-in-progress
variable format (quadraphonic, 8-channel and larger multichannel systems), variable duration

SUBMERSION is an immersive multichannel live performance featuring (sub)aquatic sonic materials from diverse provenances. The raw environmental sound recordings explored in this project series have been gathered over more than ten years during field trips and investigations at many locations throughout Europe, Middle East and South America using a variety of listening strategies and technologies (i.e. acoustic air microphones, hydrophones and structural/vibration transducers). Sites and sources explored encompass different types of waterbodies, subaquatic ecologies, water-related infrastructures and precipitation phenomena. The work features the sounds from rivers, ponds, marshes, lakes, freshwater ecosystems, waterfalls, coastal formations, harbours, the sea, dams, city canals, rain, snowfall, and underwater living creatures, among others. SUBMERSION draws on the elemental vitality of H2O in its many forms and the richness and complexity of its dynamic interactions with other energies, materials and nonhuman agents.

soak (submersion #137) is a piece for headphones released in 2016 which emerged from this ongoing trajectory.