m·e·s·h [earthworks]

ongoing long-term project / work-in-progress, multiple manifestations
series of environmental sound works for headphone listening

link to audio excerpts and further info available on request

m·e·s·h [earthworks] is a long-term body of work which originates in a series of environmental sound compositions based on phonographic (field recording) explorations in diverse locations worldwide. The project embodies a continuing artistic trajectory operating across different contexts as an open-ended, exploratory and mutable framework with multiple public manifestations.

Individual pieces have been sounding out in a variety of milieus, commissioned and disseminated via physical and digital releases, and as part of radio broadcasts and collective listening events. As a whole, the project manifests through exhibitions in gallery contexts.

The ‘mesh’ and the ‘meshwork’, two conceptual metaphors resonating in the writings of Timothy Morton and Tim Ingold respectively, are a powerful poetic means to express the eco-aesthetic framework of relations manifested in this project. This trajectory embodies a playfield of phenomenal (sonic-material-spatial) explorations (in the field, in the studio, and in-between), and an infinite possibility space for sensory attunements and the investigation of new modes of listening.

The works encourage the appreciation of creativity and vitality beyond the human, cultivating social (human-nonhuman) encounters, and forms of experiential communication and knowledge. The project aims to advance alternatives to common assumptions and representations of nature, technology, ecological art, and so-called field recording and soundscape works. The experiences put forward are an attempt to move away from dominant anthropocentric, representational, utilitarian, and visual-centric paradigms in contemporary societies.


Znějící, Rezonující, Vibrující (Sounding, Resonating, Vibrating) / Ostrava Days Festival
Gallery Sokolská 26, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 14 August – 15 September 2017
curated by Bludný Kámen (Martin Klimes, Jakub Frank, Matěj Frank)

Framewerk Gallery, Belfast, 2–6 June 2015
curated by Dawn Richardson