2013-present, work in progress
sound installations for grids of compact speakers, custom software, variable durations
collaboration with Miguel Negrão

field::grids is an ongoing project series presenting immersive spatial-sound experiences based on the use of grid-based architectural speakers setups. Content is composed specifically for these configurations with custom made software tools, creating detailed sonic tapestries which explore psychoacoustic effects and spatial hearing. The pieces are based on the manipulation of environmental recordings and digital synthesis, evolving through ever-changing combinations of sound sources and spatial patterns.

A first instance of the project was produced during a residency granted by ARE Holland in Enschede, The Netherlands with support from the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Belfast. It was exhibited at B93 Studios in Enschede in December 2013. Currently the project uses a 25-speaker wall grid and custom-made software written in the open source audio programming environment SuperCollider using ImmLib, a new library for immersive spatial composition developed by Miguel Negrão.

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