public work, Vaporetto boat ferry line, Bega river, Timișoara, Romania
commissioned by SIMULTAN for Sonic Narratives program
curated by Anamaria Pravicencu. partners: SEMI SILENT, RIVERSSSOUNDS, DZESTRA, STPT
active 01—09.10.2022

〰️ WITH(IN) BEGA 〰️ is a sound work created for the Vaporetto V1 boat line navigating on the Bega canal along Timișoara.

The composition is created with hydrophone and above-the-water recordings from the Bega and other European freshwater ecologies. The project explores the aural other-than-human vitality of freshwater ecosystems, listening to aquatic and riparian biodiversity and revealing a hidden world of underwater sound.

A durational piece is continuously broadcast through the built-in audio system installed in the boats, blending with the ebb and flow of environmental sounds and social interactions. The intervention temporarily replaces the radio songs usually heard in the ships, inviting the listeners-participants to reconsider what music can be and suggesting alternative ways of shared listening in public space.

The intervention was active for nine days on the regular schedule of the boats.

NARAȚIUNI SONORE / SONIC NARRATIVES 2022. A project by SIMULTAN.org, developed for Timișoara 2023 – Addictive Lights program. Photos: Andreea Săsăran.