EARTHING is a project created from audio recordings made inside the exclusion zone during the final days of the eruption of the Tajogaite volcano in Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, in 2021. On 12 December, the eruptive process reached 85 days of continuous activity, becoming the longest ever recorded on the island. On the same day, the volcano had an eruptive pulse, with hours of intense activity and a plume reaching up to 7 km, releasing massive amounts of sulphur dioxide gas. Then, around 21:30 (local time) on 13 December, the explosive action and the amplitude of the volcanic tremor suddenly decreased and disappeared, marking the end of the process.

The work encourages us to listen with the earth, giving attention to its agency and performativity, sensing the audible manifestations of the planet’s mattering processes and continuous reconfiguration. The piece focuses on the flows of matter and energy, a plurality of planetary fluxes in various forms (solid, fluid, gaseous). Likewise, sound and vibration are revealed as an incessant and invisible material flow that precedes and exceeds all human expressions.

The fieldwork in La Palma was carried out with the help of volcanologists Poly Carracedo and Vicente Soler (IPNA-CSIC). Fieldwork and production support: Palma E. Christian. Special thanks to Antonio Morales (Cabildo de La Palma).


– STRP festival ~ The Art of Listening, Eindhoven, 13-16.04.2023 — exhibition, installation
– DEM festival, Montalbán de Córdoba, 3.12.2022 — immersive quadraphonic concert + talk
– Audio Art Festival, Cervantes Institute, Kraków, 21.10.2022 — immersive quadraphonic concert
– (W)HOLE EARTH, Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), 15-17.08.2022 – online audio screening
– Open Studio Festival, Madrid 25-27.02.2022 — duo exhibition with Fernando Maselli