The audio work EARTHING has been created after intensive fieldwork on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) during the final week of the 85-day eruption of the Cumbre Vieja / Tajogaite volcano in 2021. The work encourages the listener to listen with the earth, by paying attention to the constant reconfiguration of our planet by changing flows of matter and energy in different forms (solid, liquid and gas). EARTHING maps sound and vibrations that incessantly and invisibly pass beyond all human expressions.

The fieldwork on La Palma was carried out with the help of volcanologists Poly Carracedo and Vicente Soler (IPNA-CSIC). Fieldwork and production support: Palma Christian Martinez. Special thanks to Antonio Morales (Cabildo de La Palma).


– STRP festival, Eindhoven, 13-16.04.2023 — exhibition
– DEM festival, Montalbán de Córdoba, 3.12.2022 — immersive quadraphonic concert + talk
– Audio Art Festival, Cervantes Institute, Kraków, 21.10.2022 — immersive quadraphonic concert
– (W)HOLE EARTH, Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), 15-17.08.2022 – online audio screening
– Open Studio Festival, Madrid 25-27.02.2022 — duo exhibition with Fernando Maselli