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2014 sound installation, variable dimensions ∞, 6-channel audio Rhizzo::De Supermarkt | nomadic group exhibition NDSM-Werf, Tolhuistuin and other locations in Amsterdam-Noord, Aug-Oct 2014 commissioned by Rhizomatic Project Space, Amsterdam curated by Christine Bruckmeier & Daniel Zimmer exhibited at the THE … Continue reading


2014 site-specific installation event, 20-channel audio, micro-speakers, 8 min. commissioned by La Casa Encendida for ¡VOLUMEN! Festival de Culturas Sonoras: ITINERARIO Commissioned for ITINERARIO, a guided exhibition of sound works at different locations throughout La Casa Encendida. The work was … Continue reading


2012 | 10’ | stereo and quadraphonic versions Commission Silence Radio / Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique, Brussels Extraite des limbes des flaques, des mares et des étangs, se déploie une biodiversité fantasmagorique. Baissez-vous, un peu plus bas, un peu … Continue reading

Liminal BCN

2012 | 16-channel | 13′ Created for Zeppelin Expandit 2012. Presented at CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), 30.11.2012 Two pieces based on source materials from the archive BarcelonaSoLimit by Orquestra del Caos, consisting of field recordings made in … Continue reading